HTML5 authoring?

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I currently have a Flash website, but keen to start thinking ahead. I predominantly built it in Flash because I understood the authoring tool, and found HTML/Dreamweaver too confusing and technical. My background is video/effects, so the Flash timeline came naturally.

My question is - what if any authoring tools are available or coming for HTML5? Seems like a good opportunity for Apple to come up with a great visual, professional but easy to use application to promote their vision of the web's future....?


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    Originally Posted by jasonfj View Post

    My question is - what if any authoring tools are available or coming for HTML5?

    Flash CS5. It has the ability to translate Flash animation into HTML 5. I'm not sure exactly how good it is but the demos looked capable enough.

    One interesting thing about HTML 5 is that you could actually make the authoring tools using it too. It would be best if they were offline tools but this looks like the route Apple want to take with the JavaScript frameworks Pastrykit, SproutCore, Giandiua, Tunekit, Coherent and whatever else. My concern is the move to Objective-C language structures. It'll have problems if people have to learn Objective-J to develop for it.

    I imagine the next iWeb will have something in it for basic animations but without complex interactivity. WWDC in a few weeks would be the ideal time to discuss the issue of the lack of established HTML 5 authoring software. It would be interesting to see how they made their own HTML 5 animations in iAd.
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