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I am working on a project where I am to supply simple little cartoons which are to duplicate the look of drawings on a whiteboard -- nothing fancy -- line drawings in black, blue, red or green.

My client, however, wants the files in AVI or WMV so his video guy can edit them and add corny video transitions. Ugh!

Ultimately they are intended for an intranet educational website. But they do NOT want SWF files. They insist on getting AVI or WMV files.

I am working with Flash 8 Pro (CS2) on my PowerMac G4 using MacOS10.3.9.

I also have a PC running XP, but it doesn't have Flash. I've tried a free SWF>AVI converter which only works on Windows, but when it actually works, it takes a 12 KB SWF file and generates a 218 MB AVI file!

Is there some easier solution?

Thanks ...


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    Originally Posted by suoying14 View Post

    Is there some easier solution?

    Now that you have the AVI, you can encode it to another format to save space. It might be stored in an uncompressed format. If you get an app like MPEG Streamclip, you can export a compressed version.

    How long is the clip and what resolution is it?
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    I believe you can save files in AVI format directly from Flash, (At least the old versions did)
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    This sounds like a huge bag of hurt.
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    In my advice you can try to convert swf file to wmv. I have tried firecoresoft swf converter, the converted file is not big.

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