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Do you know how to do magazine (kind...Popular Science+, TIME, ...) for iPad. I know to use InDesign, but i'd like to know what tools do i need to create it...



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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Are you going to be delivering this electronic magazine as an iPad application? You will also need to use Apple's Xcode program.

    If you are delivering the electronic magazine for iPad as a website, you will need to use HTML+CSS eg. with Dreamweaver.
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    do you know is there a book that it learning about creating magazine with apple SDK?
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    Have you heard of these guys, WoodWing Software? I can't say that I know more than that they are trying to make it as easy to convert publications to the iPad as it is to use Quark or InDesign.

    They are also in a joint venture with The Wonderfactory, the same folks that helped Time magazine and The Weather Channel create their iPad apps. Today Sports Illustrated's editor showed a video of a new prototype of their magazine using HTML5. Supposedly this will work for both the web and iPad. We'll see. They also did a video back in December but we're still waiting to see their first iPad app hit iTunes -- maybe this summer.
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