Battery on new MBP 13

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I love my new MBP 13 but had some general questions regarding the battery. Is it better to charge it, then leave it in "sleep" mode for a few days, then re-charge it? Or is it better to charge it and leave it plugged in and fully charged until ready to use it? If I frequently use it for only an hour at a time, is it better to leave it on battery or keep re-charging even though it is not very low?

Also, I've been using an old version of Rosetta Stone which is very reliant on the optical drive. When I start using this program on battery power, my "estimated time remaining" plummets to like 2.5 hours of usage. Does this sound normal? Considering the battery is supposed to be usable "up to 10 hours" I'm a little surprised. But then again, if Rosetta Stone is requiring constant access to the optical, perhaps this is normal?


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