imac i7 airport fault cr sucks

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Hi all, Let me start by saying I have lots of apple products (.mac account, macbook pro, iphone) and I also work in an apple school using macs for animation and design, generally up until a couple of days ago I loved apple and would recommend them to anyone.

Late last year I bought 27" imac i7 8g of ram, but when it was delivered noticed that the airport card did not work correctly. Basically it wont work for internet sharing at all and drops out when creating a network. Since November 2009 I have been in consultation with Apple about this problem.

Apparently if you go to system profiler and see that your airport card is APAC region, it may have this fault and this is an emerging issue for Apple engineering. I know this may seem like a minor problem, but still... expensive bit of kit.. top of the line... should work.

Recently Apple CR (Ireland) had offered me a $230 dollar appeasement to cover the inconvenience, but before they would pay out they escalated the issue to engineering for a fix (then they would pay).

Got a call from a Richard in singapore, he asked me to generate a report from system profiler and send. Days later he called back, said he had studied report, identified driver conflicts and had a solution..... that I needed to completely wipe my drive clean and start again. ( I had previously reinstalled OS - no difference) Richard also said that I could not back up any work using time machine (because of preferences) all I was advised I could back up was music and photos. No software and no save files from any of that software.

I was unwilling to do this, I warned Richard I was not happy and that if he made me do this and it did not work I would be spewing. He assured me it would work and was the solution he had identified.

So... wiped six months of my work out and guess what? No change. Now Apple CR is saying I can have a $250 dollar voucher ($20 more than they were offering before Richard became involved) or I can return computer for refund.

So now I am bitter and twisted, neither solution seems fair of reasonable...What do you think? Am I an idiot or what? What would you do?

I am an animator so thinking of starting guerilla campaign of animations on youtube, starting with Steve jobs sucks b#**$!

I was their best customer and advocate and now they have burned me... what do you say to that?


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    dayrobotdayrobot Posts: 133member
    Richard is an idiot. Probably puts his anger out on customers, thinking you have more money than him...

    Asshole in any case...

    You could've spoken to someone here, and we would've told you that you can clone the drive, and if anything didn't work out, you would have a bit for bit copy of your hard drive, that you could go back to using in 10 seconds...

    Cloning would probably take about an hour and half...and when his fix didn't work, an hour and half to restore your drive from the clone backup...

    In fact, Apple's disc utility is perfectly capable of that, if you have the OS install disc. Richard could've guided you thru that procedure...instead, he quietly decided to stab you in the back...

    You can write a complaint to his supervisors regarding his work performance, and write to Steve personally regarding improving the service guidelines...tell him, that his staff were withholding the payment on the condition that you have to destroy your months of work before they will pay. That is a dishonest thing, because most people would prefer to keep their data and pass up the $250...someone was thinking so anyway...

    So, good luck with whatever you choose to do... They've screwed you, but that's to be expected. As Apple grows bigger, they become more and more disjoined and faceless. Just be glad you are not dealing with Apple Japan...they are a degree or two worse, and even that would be a complement actually...


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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    An Apple tech support person saying you have to delete 6 months of files because of a driver conflict? I call bullshit, especially as a first post.
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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    If you had a issue with your machine and worked around people that uses Macs clearly you could have gotten local support before deleting all your files.

    Time Machine should have a copy of the files, I would make them give you a new machine and then have someone with experience get you back to normal.
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    Ok so what do you need as proof, this issue is the only reason I joined the forums! so this is my first post. Guys name was Richard from Singapore, do you want the serial number of computer or the case number from applecare. I assure you this is a true story.

    Richard turned out not to actually be an engineer, he was reading from an engineer report, so when he said "he " had read system profile and "he" had identified a problem he was misrepresenting.

    And on the issue of local support I bought the machine online from apple australia, so my local reseller didnt want anything to do with looking at or troubleshooting the machine, i live in Cairns nth Qld so I couldnt get the computer to anyone to look at (Apple at one stage wanted me to somehow get the computer to engineers in Brisbane)
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