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I'm having problems witth the desktop picture. I want it to shift through every picture in a certain folder, and there are a lot, so I want it to show them at random. Instead, it eventually keeps repeating a random selection, so that I have to reset it. Eventually, it also often gets stuck. And, if new pictures are added or old ones are deleted, it can't tell.

Removing the preference file did not work.


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    Maybe you have selected to display a set (folder) with too many images in it?
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    There are indeed many. So, aside from reducing that number, what can I do about it?
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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    You can't do anything except randomize the photo's yourself by name and then tell the desktop to rotate them in order.

    Randomize in Apple's way is true randomize, meaning it will somehow pick the same sequence. How it does it remains a mystery.

    The same thing occurs in iTunes, create a new playlist of songs that never have been played and let shuffle do it's work for awhile, some songs will be played 50 or so times and others not at all. Record the song names and somehow a same sequence appears over and over again.

    What people want obviously is a smart randomize that plays each song or picture equally over time, so each file gets a equal play time. This would require a file of past displays and a algorithm to chose the best non-sequential order.

    What really annoys me is the frigging iPod won't update the smart playlists based upon date without plugiing it into iTunes, which is the best way I''ve found not to play the same sequence over and over again. After several years leaving the iPod on 24/7, I still have hundreds of songs that haven't been played yet, how this has occurred is beyond me. It keeps playing the same sequence of songs no matter what I do, expect turn off shuffle.

    Somewhere in Cupertino a software engineer is laughing his ass off.
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    (This post no longer applies)
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    Wait. Right now, I just reset the desktop settings now and then so that the sequence changes. Is there any way of doing this automatically?
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