The next iMac line update

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Hello guys, I have a 13-inch MacBook Pro but the screen is too small. I am originally from Bulgaria, but now I am in the USA. The laptop is doing great job but I am thinking about getting a brand new iMac when I go back home and to sell the laptop. I know that the last update for the iMac line was in October 2009, but I don't know if they are like the MacBooks to be updated every 200 days. Are they?

I really need to know, because I will be home in July and I think this is like 200 days. And it would suck if I buy it and then after a month they come up with a new one. And that would be really bad and sad. The next ones are going to have either more RAM Memory or Hard Drives or something a little bit better. So I don't want to be screwed.

I would be really happy if you tell me how often they update the line or just when is the next logic update? Or is there even going to be an update this year, because I can't really see what they can improve on the iMac.



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    stevegmustevegmu Posts: 539member
    I think they usually get a refresh in May.
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    ssquirrelssquirrel Posts: 1,196member
    They could upgrade the entire line to i5/i7 with better graphics and that would be a nice boost. Probably before the end of the summer. June will be iPhones tho, we'll see if anything else shows up
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