Update 13" MBP to i series?

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What are thoughts on MBP 13 updating beyong C2D? Hopefully i5 this year?


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    pheydpheyd Posts: 4member
    Originally Posted by Wohboyz View Post

    What are thoughts on MBP 13 updating beyong C2D? Hopefully i5 this year?

    My gut feeling is that they won't. They might look to a Core i3 solution but I doubt it. They'll probably keep the 13" at C2D and the higher-end models Core i5+ ...
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    ssquirrelssquirrel Posts: 1,196member
    The i3 GPU is crap (downgrade from the 9400M) and doesn't support OpenCL, plus there isn't room for a 2nd fan and discrete graphics card, so I wouldn't expect anything new in the 13" this year. Sandy Bridge hits late this year/early next year.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Yeah, I think Core i3/i5/i7 chips through the end of the year will still be in some level of constraint and Core2 will still be much cheaper.

    Apple is very unlikely to use anything but Core2 in the 13" MBP for the rest of the year, particularly while they still can use the Nvidia 320M GPU+chipset. Going Core i3 or i5 requires them to have a discrete GPU.

    So, 13" MBP, maybe Sandy Bridge early next year.
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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    It, along with the MacBook, MacBook Air, and Mac mini, will stay Core 2 Duo until:

    1 - Apple can replace it with an AMD chipset using the "Fusion" technology.

    2 - Intel licenses, whatever it needs to license to NVidia, so NVidia can create a chipset for the Core "i" series processors.

    3 - Intel produces integrated graphics that are at least as good as what it is going to replace.
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