Confirmed: WebOS for HP Tablets, more

in General Discussion edited January 2014

Following the purchase of Palm, HP confirmed that the principal attraction of the acquired company was its operating system already in operation. They want to use it as a base to go to against Apple in this rich and fertile ground.

Mark Hurd, chairman of HP declared that they intend to use Web OS and its applications beyond only the smartphones by also proposing tablets and intelligent printers connected to the Web...

Assuming the 800lb Redmond Gorilla (Microsoft) is working on a tablet version of Win 7 this should make for interesting fireworks a few months or a year from now.

My guess HP is going to lose and eventually have to adopt Microsoft's solution because WebOS is a third wheel in the OS world, much like Ubuntu is.

Microsoft can leverage it's huge third party software base to work with devices using Win 7 tablet version as well a Win 7 OS on PC's, write once, works with both.

Seems HP spent a lot of money just to flex it's muscle with Microsoft, perhaps they will get a discount on OEM versions of Windows in exchange for dropping WebOS?

Going after Apple when they sell truckloads of PC's? 'fraid not.

They strike me as trying to be creative, but clueless and lacking direction.
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