iPad is an amazing tool

in iPad edited January 2014
I have had my iPad 64G for a couple weeks now and cannot say enough great stuff about it. I use it for presentations a lot and it has been great. This device with Keystone while sitting at a lunch table with clients is too good to be true. From my use through 2 weeks, here are some things I think would make it even better.

1. Allow the Apple remote that comes with computer work on the iPad. This helps when the iPad is in front of clients and not me. Also consider letting the remote keynote from iPhone work with iPad

2. Magazines - While I hope iPad can help the publishing industry, they are nuts if they think we want to pay them more than the paper version. If they do not have to pay for paper, shouldn't they have one less items to pay for and thus increase their margins? I will not pay higher prices just because its on the Ipad... Whoever thought of that????

3. Do not allow applications to claim they play on iPad when all it is, is the iPhone app! This is misleading and frustrating

4. Give us the iPhone alarm tools and allow us to use our ringtones!

Again, just a few but I hope this is addressed.
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