A Mail app. question....no longer the same on both macs?

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Hello all. I have what I'm guessing is a simple problem for all of you experts to assist me in solving.

I have two macs. one macbook pro and one older G4 imac.Both are running leopard.

I recently added a gmail e-mail account to my mail program. It seems to be working fine now. Both accounts, (my .mac e-mail and my gmail e-mail) show up in mail, and both accounts are merging into my inbox on both computers.

My problem is that it seems to have some e-mails show on my laptop, but not my imac, and some on my imac, but not my laptop. Like they are not syncing or something. In the past, before I added the gmail account, both inboxes were always the same.

I really need them to be the same still, like before. If someone could tell me what I need to do to have it be like before, I would appreciate it. As I'm sure you could already tell, I am pretty much a novice when it comes to this techie stuff.

Thank you in advance for any help.



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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    Are they both set up as IMAP accounts?
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    I'm not really sure what that is, but I did just look, and under preferences, then accounts, it shows the .mac account as a mobleme imap account, and below it the gmail account says Gmail POP. The incoming mail server says pop.gmail.com

    My .mac account will run out in a few days. I have paid for it for almost 10 years, but really never used any of it other then just the mac.com e-mail address. I always intended to learn all the cool stuff mobleme could do, but really never got around to it. I just could not see paying $99.00 for just having a mac.com e-mail address, so I made a gmail account and have been switching everything over before the .mac account runs out.

    So soon I'll just have the gmail account in my mail program. I"m just hoping that when I get e-mails they will show up on both computers, like they always did when I just had the .mac account.

    thank you for the help.

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    Well, I actually did learn that gmail by default sets up an account the pop way. I followed their instructions on converting the account to imap. I think it worked. They basically had me add another account to the mail account, the imap way.

    My only question now is, do I delete the gmail pop account from the account list in my mail program, so I only have the imap .mac e-mail and the imap gmail e-mail?

    thanks! Frank
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    It made sense to delete the pop g-mail account from my mail app, so I did. It seems to be working fine now.

    Giving me the hint that they both needed to be imap accounts was helpful. Thanks! Frank
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