Finding the time code #s for regions in Logic Pro?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I'm scoring the music for a short film, have finished the cues, and now am mixing and getting them ready for the film mix. Here's my question.

I've been working against picture, which has visual time code on it (and I assume embeded time code as well, if there is such a thing?)

The cues are each gathered into their own folders. So I'm thinking I'll record separate stereo mixes for each of the cues (some will be several cues in a row since they overlap). How do I find out what the correct timecode start is for each cue so the film mixer can line them up correctly?

The stereo mixes that I'm creating will not start on the first note of course, they will begin a little before. Is there a way to see what the time code is exactly at the beginning of a section I'm going to create a stereo mix of (bounce)?

Sorry if this is hopelessly confused, it's my first time doing this in Logic Pro (or Logic for that matter)
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