Disney in talks to sell ABC

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Just came over CNBC.

As you may know, Steve Jobs is Disney's largest shareholder and he got that way by selling Pixar to Disney, which he originally bought from LucusFilms and turned it around while away from Apple.

Steve also sold NeXT to Apple, and a lot of the feature of the NeXTStep OS is in todays OS X.


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    Originally Posted by davesw View Post


    Nothing on line yet, it's very fresh news.

    Also there has been some insider trading arrests by Disney employees in connection with this.

    $15,000 paid by undercover FBI, insider claims Igor in talks with PE (?) companies to sell ABC.

    Details will emerge as this story solidifies, check CNBC web site.
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    Disney flat out denies it's selling ABC

    Apparently all the result of the insider trading attempt

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