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I hate iPhoto and its way of working, duplicating all the pictures I have on my HDD. Slow, clumsy, etc...

Is there a simple pictures catalog/library out there, for Snow Leopard ? What are you using to manage all your pictures ?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,177moderator
    It requires an Intel machine but Google's Picasa is one option if you have one:

    I just use the Finder + Spotlight + Photoshop & GraphicConverter for batches.

    Just pick a convention for naming so that folders don't have over 10,000 images in them and arrange the pictures how you want to find them.

    Say for example you had pictures of your girlfriend, you might have:






    --DIY projects

    ---First house


    This way your spotlight search can find Sarah's pictures without using CPU sucking Faces in iPhoto.

    In general, I'd recommend the order:

    category > subcategory > important subject of the photo

    aim for around 10 categories (event types or photo types), make as many subcategories as you need (specific events or per category and 1,000 images per subcategory.

    The main reason I do things this way is that it's filesystem independent, OS independent and application independent. It's more future-proof than relying on any of the current apps' availability and stability as your collection grows. You can also easily edit images in the application of your choice including batch compression to maximize your drive space. GraphicConverter maintains your hierarchy so you can drop a root folder on and sit back for it to finish and it can take all your 4000x3000 3-4MB digital camera files and drop them down to 1600 max width/height at 256-512k.
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    That's it ! I think I've found exactly what I need, and it's a freeware !

    What do you think of this little thingy ?
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