Ubuntu 10.04 looking more like OS X

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Yea it's looking like the team at Canonical is borrowing what works great, OS X.

What they are capitalizing on is Apple's non-existent low end laptop market, namely sub-$1000 laptops running a secure operating system other than Windows.

Looking at these pictures, you can see how easy a Mac user can adjust to using Lucid Lynx


(those squares in the bottom right corner are "Spaces" like in OS X)

I run Lucid Lynx just about as much as I run OS X now, going to get myself a new high end MacBook Pro and a low end lightweight portable running Ubuntu 10 instead of the Flash deficient and expensive iPad.

Installing Ubuntu was entirely GUI friendly, one can get laptops with it preinstalled and supported by a warranty (Dell, others). Less demand is being placed on using the Terminal nowadays, all the repositories for needed software is there. Files transfer easily with USB key to OS X.

Also it runs the popular Firefox browser, complete with plug-ins and themes.



OpenOffice is free as well a lot of other free software.

Previous Ubuntu versions could be themed to look like XP or even OS X, so I suspect eventually so will this version. But really that's just a temporary crutch until one adjusts to the slightly different layout of the native Ubuntu.

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