Is Apple done with the iTunes Plus upgrade?

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Over the past year and a half, I've been slowly upgrading my 128 kbps/DRM laden iTunes purchases to the iTunes + format. I've still got roughly 200 songs to upgrade, but only a fraction of them are showing up in my upgradeable list. The majority of the songs are available in the iTunes store currently as 256 kbps files, but an email to customer service elicited a generic "we are working on replacing the old files and linking them on the back end for you to upgrade" response.

Over the past 9 months, there have only been a handful of additions to my upgradeable list, and a couple of songs/videos have disappeared from the list.

Has Apple quietly ended the upgrade program, or is this just a massive lull in activity?


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    I, too, have almost 300 songs that I have not been offered iTunes Plus upgrades for yet, including some of my favorite songs. What irritates me is that when I check, the songs *are* available on iTunes, but I'm not being offered the chance to upgrade them. I want to upgrade *all* of my songs, if for no other reason that I'm stuck on an Android phone right now and want my music on it.

    It's very frustrating. I've thought about going to an Apple Store and asking a Genius about it.
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