Stylus Concept for iPad

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Hi everyone, my first post :]

I'd like to share a stylus concept we might build one day. It's pretty basic, let me know what you think:

You can get an idea of how it works here.


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    stevegmustevegmu Posts: 539member
    Are you also developing a handwriting recognition/note-taking app?

    An iPad stylus should be aluminum-bodied, with a black rubber/plastic top and point.
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    tontontonton Posts: 14,067
    If you understood how capacitive touchscreens work, you would know that it can't be pointed like that. It needs to be rubbery and broad like a finger.
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    plaiplai Posts: 8member
    We originally wanted this concept to work with our current app Dream FIlmmaker. But for a more general use it would also be cool if somehow you can highlight the text inside your ibooks so that you can automatically organize important passages. And capacitive touch screens work when they detect something conductive. Here's the full article thats on our blog:

    I don?t know about you but i want a badass SIMPLE futuristic electronic stylus for my touch screen computing needs. When you hold a pencil or brush with your hand to draw, you obviously use different muscles and joint articulations than when you finger paint. Cavemen and me as a kid use to finger paint. I?m not a caveman and i want to draw like i live in the future. The design of it must be like a regular pencil and the battery HAS to be a super capacitor. Of course the tip can be led or oled that dynamically changes to the color that you have selected in your drawing application. O and we can?t forget the accelerometer so that when you flip it around you can erase and some other fun stuff. It will connect to your devices via bluetooth. To power it is pretty easy, twist the bottom part like your sharpening a pencil. Kinda like those flashlight/radio wind up magnet chargers but doper and obviously smaller. The packaging would also have no ink print on it. It?d also be cool if you squeeze é-stylo so that a color palette appears in your app, another squeeze makes it disappear.

    I?m not an engineer but if we can go to the moon than i?m pretty sure something like this shouldn?t be too hard to make. What other stuff would you like to see in it?

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    I thought they already decided that hot dogs would work just fine as an iPad stylus! ... You just have to get the ones with the casing still on them.
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