Engadget reports "Magic Trackpad" to be announced at WWDC 2010

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    This product would actually make sense IMO. It would last a lot longer on battery life as it doesn't have to run the laser tracking like a mouse. It works exactly the same no matter what surface it's on unlike a mouse and there's the potential to add gestures as well as use it as a numpad for the wireless keyboard.

    I think it would be better integrated into the wireless keyboard but with it separate, it doesn't force people to give up their wired keyboards with the USB hub.

    I'd probably buy one of these because I hate replacing mouse batteries and using a mouse on an uneven surface. I don't really use multiple buttons so even having gestures to cover the main three buttons is fine. Momentum scrolling will also work way better on this than the Magic Mouse and you get pinch-zoom, rotate, expose and so on.

    They added multi-touch gestures to some major apps so they really need a product to let desktop users benefit from them too.

    I'll get one as long as it's not expensive of course. £30 is pretty much my limit for this sort of thing.
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