Wired Router Recommendations

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Can anyone recommend a brand of wired routers that is super easy to set up for the Mac?


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    Well... the EASIEST to set up would be Apple Airport Extreme (and Time Capsules). They include a 4-port GigaBit Ethernet router along with the Wireless capabilities.

    But in the past I have also used LinkSys ethernet routers with success... the set-up is via a browser window rather than a dedicated application... they work just fine.
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    sailorpaulsailorpaul Posts: 318member
    I found this one very easy to set up -- and it's 3DES encryption is FASTER than my 50MB WAN connection through verizon FiOS. Still faster than my Time Warner high speed cable.

    Damn, I miss FiOS. What was the reason for moving the residence? TW now at 20 MB is the pits.
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    Although I originally hadn't considered it, I ended up going with the Apple Airport Extreme. It replaced my ancient wired router that was a speed bottleneck and the old pre n Airport Express that was also in the system.

    I was originally on a slow Verizon DSL, 720kbs, and because of the location and home setup couldn't get anything faster. I had been thinking of switching to Comcast for quite a while and when Verizon sold its local landlines to Frontier, I finally made the switch. The speed gain is truly amazing and I wish I had done it earlier.
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