Of 10,000+ apps: the GOOD ONES list

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OK, I'll try this again.

I started a thread a while back about iPad app reviews. Very few people posted to it. Now we have the article about there being more than 10,000 native or universal apps for the iPad, wherein lots of people are saying they can't find many good apps. Complaining is one thing, but why don't we make a list of the good ones we find so that it will help others sift through the not-so-easy to navigate iTunes app store and also give the occasional visiting developer an idea of what we like so maybe they will make better apps?


I'll start off by saying that, especially if you are a Mac user and have iWork on your Mac, the iWork for iPad apps are pretty good (Keynote, Pages, Numbers). There are of course a few things they can't do that their bigger brothers can, but they are pretty well done and useful. For ten bucks each, they aren't bad and you only pay for what you need.

Reel Director is great if you want to edit movies, though iMovie might be coming to the iPad in the near future.

Sketchbook Pro is awesome on the iPad.


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    VersionTracker and MacUpdate both have App Store apps descriptions, ratings, reviews, complaints, etc in a easy, fast to browse, text based format.



    Versiontracker is better it seems as all the apps appear to be listed, also if one has the Firefox browser, install the FastestFox plug-in, it has the ability to create endless web pages, so one can scroll through thousands of pages of apps for the fastest possible browsing review. Best method I have found yet to see everything fast.

    There are not a lot of reviews unfortunately, goes to show even a site set up for the purpose of review isn't working for some reason (are mobile users so busy they don't have time to post a review?), but I guess those interested could check in iTunes before downloading.

    Edit: Versiontracker has only 10,068 iPhone apps listed, Apple states they got over 200,000.

    Going to be pretty hard finding the diamonds in that haystack of apps.

    Also AI doesn't like advertising posts for iPhone apps, likely the same applies to iPad apps, without management approval. So I can't see how this thread can be anything but a long spam post..

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    I don't have an iPad so I don't know, but my guess is that both OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher for iPad are pretty awesome.

    Three more on the way:

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