IPOD Touch 32g resets randomly

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Twice now in the last couple days my 1 year old Ipod touch just randomly restarted.

Yesterday I just hit the home button to turn it on and it wouldn't. I held the button down for 5 seconds and it sat at the Apple logo for 30 second. It finally got to the screen telling me to connect to Itunes and wouldn't do anything else. When I finally hooked up with Itunes everything was back the way it was previously with all my music and everything in place.

Then today, after using it for a little while with no issues, I plugged it into my charger and it all went black for 20 seconds, then went to the Apple Icon. After a minute it went to the screen and all was good again.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what may cause this and or fix this? Thanks for any input.
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