New mobile version bug

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Reading and viewing the new mobile version on the iPhone works just fine. However, clicking on the comments button results in "No such article" instead of simply loading the forums in normal formatting.


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    How long before this gets fixed?

    If you need the steps, here, on both the iPhone Safari and Mac Safari (with the user agent set to iPhone Safari 3.1.3)

    1. go to you should be redirected to

    2. click on any article

    3. scroll down, and click on XX comments

    4. voilÃ*. you see the "no such article" appear at the top of the article list instead of being sent to the forums.

    In order to get view the comments, I have to scroll all the way down, select to view AI in standard mode, and then click on the comments to be transported to the forums. That never happened when we had the floating header and footer around.
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    trajectorytrajectory Posts: 647member
    It might be fixed in another year or two.
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    Yay! It's working again. Good job. Thanks!

    (though the comment count doesn't show anymore. Perhaps something that will soon be fixed, or some compromise to make the button work.)
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    It's working so far. Clicking on the comments button works, and the comments count is working, too. So good job!
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