Toy Story 3

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Toy Story 3 opened today and I being of the parenting age and even having a couple of said children to parent, I had to take them to see it.

This was the first Pixar movie I can recall going to where I was worried it might be a bit too intense for some of the very small ones. While on a break to run a kiddo to the restroom there was a mother in the lobby with a small one who was scared of the watchful monkey and this was well before the most intense part of the movie.

The end was pure tugging on heart strings until almost everyone had to wipe an eye, if only because there was some dust there of course.

I'd give it a solid B almost plus.


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    I want to see it.. I remember going to the movies when the first toy story came out when I was around 7 or 6 and I absolutely loved it.. I'll have to drag someone with me hah.
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    jazzgurujazzguru Posts: 6,435member
    I took my wife and 3.5 year old son to see it and we loved it.

    The end was particularly touching to me and I had to blink away a few tears. It was bittersweet, but a perfect way to wrap up the Toy Story saga.

    Anyone who enjoyed the first 2 Toy Story films must see Toy Story 3.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,037member
    Going today for my daughter's b-day. I hear it's good.
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