Airport Extreme Disk not showing a partition

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have an Airport Extreme with a 1TB drive connected via USB, which is shared over the network using the Airport Extreme password, no accounts are setup. I partitioned the USB drive with one Mac OS Extended Journaled partition for TM backups, and another partition using NTFS to backup my Win 7 Pro installation that I run using Boot Camp. Yes, I do have SMB sharing enabled. When looking at the disk over the network, in Mac OS or Win 7, only the Mac partition shows up. However, if I connect the USB drive directly to a Mac or PC both partitions show up, appropriately as individual volumes. Why is this happening? If I remember correctly, the first (using Win 7) time I connected to the Airport, which shows up on Win 7 as a computer, when I double clicked to look at the disks both showed up. Can anyone help? I may just be remembering incorrectly and saw both partitions with it directly connected. IS it possible that this configuration is not supported?
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