What made the iPhone 4 so wildly successful?

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Personally, I do not believe it was any of the items I listed, at least, not any one of them. I believe that the popularity of Apple's latest consumer offerings is the result of consumer backlash against the geek elite culture. For so many years, geeks told regular people what they should buy and saddled them with features and specs that did nothing but confuse and insure dependency. Apple has provided the masses with technological freedom to use their devices without having to call an expert. The iPhone 4 is the latest example of Apple putting power user tools in the hands of average people. It is an incredible sense of empowerment.


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    The only thing it's lacking is 64GB of storage. I have 24GB of music alone, not to mention all the movies and pictures which come to about 40GB or so. I'm rather limited with just a 32GB option. In order to squeeze everything in I have to make playlists of music and only sync those, rather than the entire library which I'd like to do because I like variety. I enjoy plugging it into my car stereo and set to shuffle. This is just a minor set back for me.

    A real problem I forecast is the lack of storage space needed for this 720P HD video recording. I already have a problem crunching everything and now it'll be worse because the video recording is something I do regularly and HD video takes up much more space than the current 3GS recording capabilities.

    Other than that; the front camera is something I've been craving since day 1, as well as a flash for the low lighting. Although, I'm sure the flash will probably be a joke anyways.

    Oh well. I'm sure I'll be tickled to death when the black 32GB iPhone 4 gets delivered to my house this Thursday.
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