Multiple User Video Conferencing?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
A few of the people I work with and myself will be heading out to a bunch of small towns starting next month. For the past year, we've been meeting up once per week to discuss ideas and teach each other things we've learned. We wanted to continue that over the next year until we meet up again, so we're looking for some sort of video-conferencing tool that will support many users.

There are 12 of us and we may actually have to support up to that many connections at one time. iChat would be great, especially with the Theatre that would let us share Keynote presentations, but as far as I recall it only supports up to 4 users, right? So does anyone know of any applications we could get that would:

- support video conferencing for up to 12 users

- allow file sharing and possibly even live presentations like iChat Theatre

- be reasonably priced (we won't get reimbursed for this and we're not full employees, so we make peanuts; free programs are always welcome!)

Thanks for any help you can give!
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