I'm going nuts.

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I've been reading all of the threads here and can't get a realistic idea about what Apple is going to do. I realize this is all hoping and guessing but conservatively what can we expect towerwise by mid-Feb.? Basically, what is everyone's least expectation of what we will see in the tower line? I've got $2500 to blow on a new Mac and I'm not sure what the hell to do. I'd love a G5 but I'd settle for a 1ghz+ G4. I'm typing away on a souped up beige G3 and if I upgrade I want it to be fairly significant. Should I just get an older/refurb G4 to hold me till summer? I'm on a 19" monitor now so I don't think I can handle the iMac's 15" screen. If I could get used to the 15", I'd probably just get one of them and give it to my kids later if a G5 does come out this summer. I don't want to be one of those people that waits forever but I've got a feeling I should wait a little longer here. Thanks for any input.


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    Wait, your patience is going to pay off.

    Even if the wait itself is way off.....MMMM G5's. <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" />

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    I've got a feeling as well, but if you can hold out for another couple of months, do it. That is what I am doing. But if you are in dire need of a new Mac, then buy the new revision that is just around the corner. <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    If you cant wait buy a used QuickSilver.If I were you I would just sweat it out and wait.I also have the money right now but I will not settle for Apollo.I have a G-4 450 Mhz,etc..Which I am going to increase the memory.Even if it takes until summer for the G-5...I will wait.Don't Compromise...Life is too short.Get what you really want.You will be so happy you did.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone,

    I like OS X a lot and I really want a machine that can handle it very well. I'm using it most(80%) of the time now and that's what seems to have put the urgency on me. My beige does OK with X but I'd like to have the horsepower that I need. My main uses are web surfing, MP3, CDR burning, digital pic and digital video stuff and some light gaming(I want a happening machine for the new Return to Castle Wolfenstein). I'm sure a G5 would be great at all of that but would it be too much for my needs? Would an older G4 be fine to tide me over or will I be lusting for more? The thing that appeals to me about the G5 is the MB that it most likely would get(DDR, etc.). This would at least give me something that I can upgrade for a year or two and still be fairly current over an older G4 MB. Thanks again for the input.
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    If you can't wait, you could buy a G4 upgrade (e.g. Sonnet Encore) for your G3 to hold you over. If you don't have a decent video card, a Radeon 7000 should do nicely.

    I'm considering doing this myself.
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    I would say wait out Feb. If the G5's are coming any time soon, Seybold is the msot likely time. If not then it will be at least until WWDC, assuming no G4 speed bump. If we get a G4 bump, then G5's at MWNY, no sooner. So, wait out Feb or unti Feb. 19th specifically.
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    Since you're coming from a beige G3, even a used or refurb Quicksilver (or even the Digital Audio generation before that) would be a very significant upgrade for you - much more significant than the difference between such a machine and the Real-Soon-Now G5.

    I'd look for one of those $1199 or $1299 refurbs I see on the web from time to time.

    G4 upgrades and PCI video cards are nice, but a new machine upgrades every component and subsystem at once.
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    The specifications on Go2Mac are real. I asked my

    dealer and he faxed the same thing to me, claimed

    that it was directly from Apple. My dealer said he hasn't got the price yet. But the shipping

    date will be one to two months away from now.

    There will be no speed bump for PBs.

    I am currently like you, using an aged G3 and wanting to have a fast machine for OSX. I

    probably go to get a TiBook 667 or wait until MW Tokyo, hopefully Apple release 1 GHz+ PS by then.

    I expect PowerMacs will use G5 by MWNY and PBs will have to wait until near the end of the year

    or early next year.
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    I'm not real sure when all of these Apple events are like Tokyo, New York, etc.. Can someone post the main dates during the year that Apple might announce something? Thanks again for the input.

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    [quote]Originally posted by AsahiToro:

    <strong>I'm not real sure when all of these Apple events are like Tokyo, New York, etc.. Can someone post the main dates during the year that Apple might announce something? Thanks again for the input.

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    The Tokyo Expo is in March and MWNY is in July . Seybold is another time that they could be released and the NY Seybold is Feb 19-22 and the SF Seybold is Sept. 9-13.

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    Seybold New York 2002: Feb 19-22

    Macworld Tokyo 2002: March 21-23

    Macworld New York 2002: July 16-19h
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    I don't know who these dealers are who keep getting inside specs, but when I worked for Comp USA we didn't get specs for new systems into our point of sale systems until the DAY STEVE ANNOUNCED THEM.

    I've also never heard of Apple just casually faxing specs of unreleased hardware to vendors. Did your dealer buddy get a fax about the new iMac and its specs too? <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" /> From what I know and what I've learned about Apple, if they have a big product coming, not a SINGLE retailer is going to know any significant details about it.

    Maybe Apple has begun to brief vendors before a small speedbump, but I seriously doubt it. I know I bring this up a lot, but I rememer "confirmed G3 iMac retail specs" from several vendors posted all over MacUser, MacMinute, etc. and they turned out to be total BS.
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