Early 2008 MP hard drive upgrade...

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I have an early 2008 MacPro that has the default 320GB hard drive. I'm considering upgrading to a new 1TB drive. Any suggestions as to performance? I'm by no means in desperate need of the upgrade, but if there are some newer drives on the market that might give significantly better performance I can justify it. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.


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    You'd need to measure your drive performance first to see what transfer rate you get. If you use XBench and run only the disk test, you will get a rough idea:


    Different software measures things differently but if you use the 256k uncached read and write speeds, that's a decent guide for checking against other drives. There is a drive benchmark list here:


    You can't go far wrong with a Seagate Barracuda or Western Digital Caviar Black. I've used the latter and those drives are pretty fast indeed. My current 7200RPM gets about 50-60MB/s and the Caviar Black topped 80MB/s consistently.
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