taking iMovies from 6.0.3 to iMovie 8.06

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Have lots of iMovies in 6.03 and got a new iMac and it has iMovie 8.06 and I want to have my new mac to use all my old movies and up date them in the new iMovie movies...I imported one of them and it lost almost everything, the orderand it did not used the aiff file....it also did not keep any of the words on title page..;

It seems a bit hard to make the transition to the new program...with all this work maybe final cut pro express would be better to move to...

The new iMovie seems really harder...any ideas...anyone else feel the same way?

Any tricks to make it better than 6.0.6


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    Originally Posted by rosetranslator View Post

    Nothing is hard when you have facilities like

    Nice promotion for your web site...but this site is not an want ad services...we help others and we all ask for help and this is what this forum is about...nice try...
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