how do I install LAME encoder in windows?

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I've seen ALOT of discussion about LAME vs itunes for mp3 encoding in VBR, but very little on how to actually use the software. so after various google searches and the likes, i decided to ask on here.

now it's my understanding that LAME is available as source code only, which means no simple .exe file for windows. so my question is, after i've unzipped the tar.gz file, how the hell do i use the various contents inside to get the program working? i have no clue how to use, or what to even do with the stuff.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i just want the best solution for this perplexing(to me)issue.



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    There are links to precompiled binaries and a trove of other information there.
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    cool, cool. it appears that I've found what i was looking for. i'll just download lame bundled with another program, and that should solve my issue

    now, one more question. does LAME rip cd's, or am i gonna have to get another program to do that? if so, what's mostly reccommended?
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    Originally Posted by Lostboy22 View Post


    Most, if not all, of the programs linked on that page will accomplish that for you.
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