View videos on iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014

I have had a good look at the posts for the last 2 years before posting this, and I can't find this question, so I apologize if it is there somewhere already (or if it is very obvious and simple )

I receive quite a few emails with videos as attachments, in format .wmv or .avi, from friends and family and I can't see them on my iPhone. It shows a Quicktime icon next to it, but I can't open it, or watch it or anything, until I go home and open it on my iMac with Quicktime or VLC player....\

Is there any way of viewing these formats on the iphone, through an app (not jailbroken iphone)??

I know Apple is not keen on supporting competitors formats, but when there are so many around using them, it makes life of Apple product users more difficult...

I hope there is a solution as I find it very frustrating..

Thanks for your help.
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