Keeping or returning your iPhone 4?

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After reading the multiple posts on the antenna issue on the iPhone 4, I haven't seen many postings of anyone planning on returning their phone. I've been able to replicate the problem at work where I have full 5 bars but not all the time. I have not, however. been able to replicate it at home while using my microcell. I've read that others can replicate the signal issue while using a microcell. Personally, I'm going to wait a couple of weeks to see if some sort of fix might be in the works, and if not, I'm planning on calling Apple to see what can be done. My thought is right now, Both Apple and At&T are a little busy right now and probably not giving the best of customer service with this issue


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    I still got 3 week before I get my iPhone. Can't wait to get it.Hopefully wont have to return it. The question is Will apple accept returns for what they consider is a problem will all cellphones. Obviously their statement suggest there is not a problem with the phone
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    If you already have an iPhone4 and you're not dropping 5 calls each day, I'd say this is the kind of thing that will get sorted out, just have to give it a few weeks. It's pretty high profile, not an obscure issue, so, it will command Apple's attention one way or another.

    If you're dropping 3 to 5 calls a day and you generally consider those as important calls you make through the day, then I'd say F it and demand your money back... Firmly yet objectively.
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