Another Iphone radio flaw?

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I have the new iPhone and noticed that on my home wireless lan (Netgear 834n) iTunes music downloads were crawling. After a bit of playing around it seemed that switching my router from G or N operation down to B only fixed the issue. Clearly thats not right, so I played a bit more and found that the phone would perform correctly if I turned bluetooth off! Can anyone else try this? Speed tests were showing ok but itunes downloads not. So scenario to test is wireless N or G connection, download a pod cast, then try enabling/disabling bluetooth on the iPhone 4 to see the difference.

Let me know as this issue is a bit more of a deal breaker than simply fitting a bumper (which I have done before anyone asks). I kind of hope this is just a limited run of phones with a manufacturing flaw.



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    rossgrossg Posts: 3member
    Quick update, seems to simply be erratic download speeds in iTunes, however on my 3G on the same network they are consistently fast. Only seems to be an issue on wireless lan so could be an incompatibility with the Netger 834N router and the new wireless chip in the iPhone, iPad is works ok as well which is wierd.
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    rossgrossg Posts: 3member
    Don't get me wrong, my 3G performance is great, in fact it is faster than my wireless LAN connection when using

    The iTunes music store! I just seem to be getting erratic WLAN performance when compared to my old 3G. I am sure it is just a software/driver glitch.
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    I am new here and read this artilce and agee with this artilce.
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