Ok! I've read all about it, let's talk about something new!

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Blah blah blah, reception this... reception that. There is no argument that it is not a huge problem. But let?s face it, Apple will correct the problem. So on that note, other than not being able to make calls, how are all the other features? I have seen the screen. Yes, amazing? but give me some real life tests. How is the battery holding up? Are you seeing longer life between charges? How about syncing to iTunes, has it gotten faster? I have done a test to see if i4 boots faster than 3GS, but it is about 3-5 seconds slower. Has anyone seen a performance jump compared to the 3GS? FACETIME! Has anyone used it with a friend? What do you think? How?s the quality, any lag? What's peoples thoughts about Facetime and iChat soon? How long does it take for a video you recorded to render and post on youtube? Has anyone dropped their new phone?! If so, what happened? I personally would not want to put a case around the phone, but if the glass is going to break, then I have no choice. Come on people, I want to hear the good stuff because I am tired of hearing everyone complain. Thanks


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    Yes, I definitely noticed better battery. I think iPhone 4 feels much more solid your hand. I like it better than previous gens. Screen is amazing and justifies the upgrade by itself. Haven't used FaceTime nor will I very often. I think its faster in every aspect
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