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I went to my second Ikea interview in the 'burbs. Interview went well but the starting position gets more it's 16 hours a week...

Anyways I'm walking through the mall there and lo and behold there is my old friend selling his bootleg rock videos and cassettes. Very weird. Amazed that he still does this and still hasn't gotten busted for it.

I have gotten an amazing collection from him:

1. Pearl Jam - Live Video: Canada 1994

Great show. Pro shot. Eddie's drunk as a skunk.

2. Nirvana - Live Video: Rio 1993

From a Brazilian MTV show. As from the date you can understand that Kurt was way out there...exposes himself...

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live Video: Holland 1991

This is the best live concert I have seen of them. From a Norwegian MTV concert special.

4. Bad Brains - Live Video: Collection from 1980 to '87

Pro shot and amateur. The amateur stuff is from a show in Philly I actually went to!

5. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Live Video and Interview: Holland 1982

Pro shot. Souxsie barfs behind stage...

6. The Clash - Live Video: US Festival 1983

Got this only for the fact there aren't any good live performances of the Clash around.

7. Sex Pistols - Live Video: Fillmore West (last show) 1978

Last show...need I say more? Copied from Japanese laser disc.

Now I can add:

AC/DC (w/ Bon Scott) - Live Video: 1974, '78, '79 shows and a Bon Scott pre AC/DC show!

Haven't watched all of it yet. But the first show on the tape is awesome. Wondering what this "pre AC/DC is all about...

Sadly, due to the influx of Asian counterfitting, DVDs, The Internet and legal crap he's getting out of the business and returning to rock photography in L.A.. Sad to see him go. I have a lot of great concerts...

But I hope to burn these onto CD or DVD when I get the chance. Ten years from now I can show my kids..."This is what I listened/saw in my day sonny..." <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />


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    how's the Pearl Jam one quality wise, especially sound? is it a soundboard feed or just mic in the stands?
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    [quote]Originally posted by applenut:

    <strong>how's the Pearl Jam one quality wise, especially sound? is it a soundboard feed or just mic in the stands?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Not really that good. The video was shot from stage right and stage left on a scaffolding. So the sound is straight from the cams themselves. It really (as most of the amateur shot video) is poor quality, but is is the moments on it that are great. The whole concert is on it. Unedited and raw. It's an outdoor concert and it was rainy and cold. So the crowd is steaming. The band is at top notch, fired up and rocking. There are plenty of good, professional concert footage of them commercially so I'd grab them. This video is just a great addition.

    I've played them at parties and my friends are still mesmerized by some of the performances. The Nirvana video was to have been aired on MTV in the US, but after they saw the recording and what Kurt's state was they dropped the idea. I keep these mostly for history sake. I have another Nirvana show from here in Philly from 1989...their first show in Philly. Quality is poor but it still is fun to watch. Most of the people in the crowd didn't know who they were and were yelling to them to "Go back to Seattle!".

    I watched the rest of the AC/DC video and at the end there is one video of Bon Scott's first band "Fraternity". We're talking a Moody Blues hippie spin-off! He's singing(!) and playing a flute. Also some really early AC/DC before Bon Scott...I didn't know they had a singer before him! And Angus Young looks at least 13 years outfit and all!

    Then there's more with Bon where he's wearing a girlscout uniform and pigtails singing "Baby, Please Don't Go". Hilarious stuff. AC/DC were one of the best hard rock/punk bands around then. By the time "Highway to Hell" came out they were pretty messed up though. The last video is of them mouth singing to those songs on a soundstage. Bon looks pretty out of it.

    These videos I'll keep forever. VH1 just don't cut it.
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