AppleInsider RSS feed - limited content length?

in Feedback edited January 2014
Hi -

i'm not an RSS/Atom expert, but i am finding the AppleInsider feed very annoying (compared to other RSS feeds). Equipped with my new iPad, I now want to get my apple fix via one of the RSS readers - Pulse, Newsrack, etc -- but all i get is a 1-2 sentence summary of the article? I need to effectively 'click the link' for every article, which of course isn't pre-cached by my RSS reader.

Whereas for other feeds i get a picture, at least 3-4 paragraphs and then optionally can link off to the website to see the video/extended feature/etc.

What's the deal? Am i falling into some noob trap? Is there some reason you guys are limiting the usefulness of your RSS feed?

Put ads in the RSS content, etc by all means -- but give us the full content!

Or ... where's that AppleInsider iOS app with Push Notifications so i can get my fix immediately!

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