FaceTime as Open Standard

in iPhone edited January 2014
Does any have any additional (or inside) information on when and how FaceTime will be submitted as an open standard?

1) What standards body will it be submitted to? IETF?

2) When do you think it will be submitted?

3) FaceTime is already supposed to be based on several IETF standards: STUN, SIP, TURN, ICE, etc. - what would the actual "FaceTime" standard cover? Presumably, there is some "stuff" in FaceTime that glues all these other standards together in a way outside of the scope of these other standards - what would that be?



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    drdoppiodrdoppio Posts: 1,132member
    It has been two weeks since the OP, and more than a month since FaceTime was announced. Any news will be appreciated!
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