How to file FCC complaint about iPhone 4 reception

in iPhone edited January 2014
It is easy to file an on-line complaint with the FCC, just go to this website:

Use the radio buttone to select "Wireless Telephone", on the next page select "Problems completing a 911 call from your wireless phone", on the next page click on "Online Form" at the top left of the yellow box. This will open the complaint form so follow on from there. When you are done, tell everyone you know who is having this problem to file a complaint. Post it in every thread about the iPhone 4 reception issues.

It is obvious that you have a problem completing a 911 call if you pick up your phone and it loses signal, so there is truth stretching going on.

edit: Some think that it is wrong to say that it really is a problem with 911 if you have not attempted it, I disagree in that you can't even attempt it if you hold the phone wrong. If you feel that way then pick the "Deceptive or unlawful advertising" button instead.
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