Apple 64GB iPhone 5 support 4G Verizon in January '11

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Here's an interesting article. Basically Apple is saving the best for last with iPhone 5. Verizon is going to play catch up starting with a high-end 64GB iPhone 5 that will be 4G enabled for Verizon LTE. What will guarantee Verizon to dominate AT&T will be their 4G LTE Network that they are launching November 4th. Verizon could have a ace up their sleeve and in January introduce a $99.99 Unlimited Plan that includes Talk, Text and 4G Data!


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    You say when like it's confirmed and certain. This rumor has no more credence than any of the others that were certain to happen over the last four years. You didn't even link to the article that you are referring to.
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    bushman4bushman4 Posts: 804member
    When I see Verizon get the phone or see the official announcement I'll believe it. Meanwhile this rumor and stories have persisted for over a tear with the last one from Barrons.

    If Verizon does get it in Jan 2011, you can bet that it will be the IPHONE4 not the IPHONE5.
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