iMac screen re-purposing

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A few weeks ago my old iMac decided to die, and the apple store said it was the logic board and it is not worth fixing. Now what is a young engineer to do with that but take apart the computer and try and find other uses for the parts? Unfortunately the only parts I might be able to use are the screen and the hard drive.

Now my problem comes in that I can not find the specifications for the screen, and I need those to figure out what all the pins on the cable do.

The panel is a LM171W02-TLB1 by LG

LG says to contact the manufacturer of the computer

and I can not find the pin layout for this product online, I can find similar ones but the pins are different in each sub model

I might be able to guess which data line does what but I will need to make my own power supply first and even then it is unlikely to be able to guess what all of the non-color data ones do(clock, and a few more i cant guess)

any input would be helpful

and is there any place where I can email apple for the pdf specifications?

an example of what I am looking for is at:



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    I would recommend selling the screen on eBay because parts dealers like to buy screens for repair. It is an IPS screen and those parts are expensive to buy. You'll get at least $200 for it.
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