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You guys have been so helpful in the past. I have owned a Mac since forever it seems, as I am 67. I teach at a University, and as you know, until recently, was ONLY PC.

I have been entering data into Excel, saved it, and now each new version updates two columns of numbers. One column was the subject number, and I entered 101, 102, etc into the spreadsheet. But it automatically converts these into 404, 408, etc, and on each new copy multiplies more, I think.

I also entered a column for a person's age, and it is multiplying those numbers too! !

There must be some setting that converts the numbers based on some list setting.

Gad !



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,779moderator
    Each cell can have a formula attached to it rather than just a number and they can have settings too for currency, dates etc. When you click on a cell, look at the formula line and see what's in it. If you see cell numbers or whatever, remove them and make sure it's only the value you want.

    They do have their uses though because to write out the list of numbers, you can do something like the following:

    A1 = 101

    A2 = A1+1

    Then when you do a column fill, below A2, subsequent cells will get things like A5 = A4+1. This way, you only have to fill in two actual cells but you can populate hundreds of cells with the data you want.
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