Anyone have a small chip/crack on the iPhone4 front glass?

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My iPhone 4 has NEVER been dropped and is not kept in my pocket with keys or wallet.

I noticed a very small chip/crack on the front today. It's a little hard to see when the phone is one, but it can definitely be felt with your finger.

This could be a very isolated incident.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

The chip/crack is on the top of the screen to the left. There is some lint and dust also present on the screen. The only chip is the one that I provide an enlargement of.


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    kurt737kurt737 Posts: 8member
    That's interesting you post this. I actually have a small chip out of the glass on the back corner of the phone. I've never dropped it, always keep it in it's case, etc. One day I was talking on the phone and ran my finger up there and felt a chip. After the call I noticed that sure enough, there was a little chip out it. There's also a chip out of the stainless steel band in the same area. That's strange too since I would think it would take quite a bit of force to knock a chunck out of it. I'm at a loss. I'll post a pic later when I get home...
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