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Hi all

So I want to setup my apple products so that I can best share the music, photos etc between my products and was wondering what solutions you guys would come up with.

I have the following:

Macbookpro 17

MacBook pro 15

Mac book 13

iPhone 3G

iPhone 4

iPad 16

iPad 32

Family mobile me account

Nas200 1Tb nas

Wireless/wired home network.

So I really would like to have a single location that has a single iTunes and iPhoto library that all of the osx laptops can connect to. Also I would really like it if I could find a Soultions to be able to sync the iPhones and iPads centrally. I have mobile me which seems to be ok but I am wondering if this can be further improved, as I have multiple machines.

One thi g I have been entertaining is to change the nas 200 box that I have for a mac mini or mini server, would this help?



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    Just thought I would clarify that the most important thing out of these things is to have a single place for a shared iTunes and iPhoto library.

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