iMac ABE: The new edition !! [Made in Qatar]

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I know the title is weird and their isn't really anything called the iMac "ABE"

I was bored today so I started designing a iMac using photoshop from a piece of scratch; it took around three hours to finish it.

I have called it iMac "ABE" because ABE stands for my first and second name.

Abdullah Bin Essa.

I'll leave you with my design. I hope you like it thou






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    john galtjohn galt Posts: 960member
    Welcome Qatar!

    I like it. Black by popular demand. Anodized?

    A suggestion: "Mac" is the shortened name for the original "Macintosh". It is always spelled "Mac", as in iMac. It's not an acronym.
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    qatarqatar Posts: 2member
    Oh I see.

    Thanks !!!
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,910member
    Welcome to AppleInsider, Qatar. I like your iMac design color. Now if only Apple will see fit to market the iMac in black, I think it would sell very well.

    BTW, I assume you are in Qatar; however, your English is good; how did you learn Engish?
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