iTunes 255 char comments cap petition

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have started a petition about the artificial restriction Apple's included in iTunes which prevents any comments exceeding 255 characters in both movies and audio (which includes spaces!).

The thing I can't stand it that there is no warning, so you could be merrily typing your thoughts down and there is no counter to let you know there is a limit, never mind how far your into that limit. To top it off there is no message either, upon exiting the Info pane, so your never the wiser to your data automatically being deleted.

I take a lot of personal video and I like to attach thoughts to them, its important for the future and for search, but the 255 char allowance is such a limiting factor. With lossless audio files averaging 25MB and HD movies all the rage it can't be for saving space.

If you feel this is wrong or are actually affected by it then I have created a petition and if you sign it then maybe I'll get enough signatures to submit it to Apple and have them reverse this unfair cap:
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