Terminator 3 is a BABE

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Kristanna Loken is the next Terminator.

Personally I think she's HOT and I wouldn't run from her but this kinda makes me think the Terminator Series has Sold Out. Typical Hollywood cast a Kitten and try to convince us she's a Lioness.

<a href="http://home.talkcity.com/PeacefulPl/mithil/kristanna_loken/kristannaloken.html"; target="_blank">http://home.talkcity.com/PeacefulPl/mithil/kristanna_loken/kristannaloken.html</a>;

Kristanna in all her Babedom


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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Yeah the movie looks decent.

    <a href="http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=12105"; target="_blank">http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=12105</a>;

    Getting kinda old though.
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    max8319max8319 Posts: 347member
    hubba hubba

    she can terminate me any day (sorry....someone had to say it)
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    I'm not quite sure about the recent trend to cast chicks in action roles. It seems like such a bunch of BS to me.

    I guess that's coming from someone who has fought girls before. In martial arts practice, silly. Actually, the truth is similar to an Andy Kaufmann joke. A girl that lived next door last year was a black belt in some "martial art," and was about my weight. One day she caught me talking about the fights (usually friendly) I had gotten into in high school, and said she thought she could take me.

    Let's just say she lost the bet. It felt kind of weird to wrestle with a girl, though.
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    kaboomkaboom Posts: 286member

    Oh yeah, that's hot

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