Looking for Remote Software for Training, Troubleshooting

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I am looking for a Remote Screen Sharing type of software that can be used for training and troubleshooting purposes and it needs to work on both Mac and Windows.

The situation I have is I use Mac only except for Windows running under VMWare but I will need to be doing work at home for an office that is 500 miles away and they use Windows only.

I want to be able to view the screen of the computer that is 500 miles away and also be able to control it such as using the mouse to walk the person using that computer through menus and doing work for training purposes. I also if possible want to be fully able to use the computer where I could view files, print files if possible, save files, even copy files to that computer and back to mine.

If possible I'm willing to have software that runs on Windows on my side but I prefer the Mac side but I know I will also need the Windows version for the computer on the other side.

I have known nothing about this type of software. Does anybody have a suggestion of a program I should look into for this purpose?

Thank you for your help.


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    You want FREE cross-platform Teamviewer, Mark.

    Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by Rokcet Scientist View Post

    You want FREE cross-platform Teamviewer, Mark.

    Good luck!

    I think OP will thank you, and get a big thanks from me, too ? I did not know about that one! It certainly will make remote maintaining of father's iMac easier...
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    Originally Posted by MacKeeper-fan-Blase View Post

    It certainly will make remote maintaining of father's iMac easier...

    ...and a lot faster than if you had to find the time to drive over there, do your SysAdmin/helpdesk stuff on your dad's iMac, sit down and exchange the customary pleasantries, and drive back again, Before you know it you would have wasted a whole evening, sometime next week (when both your schedules allow it). With Teamviewer your dad can get virtually instant 'service' from you: problem (usually) fixed in 10 minutes...! Instead of next week.

    Also it's a lot cheaper: time is money, after all, and don't forget the cost of gas, car value depreciation, and X miles (everytime) that realistically must be added to the tally!

    And it's a lot safer: if you don't have to go out into traffic, you don't run the associated risks. Added bonus: it's a lot safer for other drivers too if you are not on the road! (But it's not really a joke...)

    And it's a lot greener: you avoid 99% of the "carbon footprint" you would otherwise burden the eco system with!


    I have Teamviewer installed on my mother's iMac, 10 miles from where I live, and on my sister's iMac, MacBook Air, and iPhone, who lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean...

    The arrangement works for all of us, and everybody's happy!

    A combo of Teamviewer and Skype, iChat, or some other voip software is a fantastic SysAdmin/helpdesk toolset.

    IF on a broadband connection!
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