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My wife has a question and maybe someone here can help:

"I am looking for a TSA Checkpoint Friendly carrying case for*an Apple MacBook Pro 17" laptop. Need something I won't have*to open when having to put the laptop on TSA conveyor belt*at airports, holds*computer snugly, storage for just the power cord. Prefer something*with a strap or handle to help carry it easily. I'm a housewife who flies with the family on a vacation once*a year, so I'm not carrying any other accessories, business*files, office equipment, etc. other than the MacBook Pro*power cord. I'd like to have a color other than black or grey,*some choice of colors preferred."

Thanks in advance!


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by DisneyEcho View Post

    My wife has a question and maybe someone here can help:

    ...Need something I won't have*to open when having to put the laptop on TSA conveyor belt*at airports, ...

    The question does not make a lot of sense. Does your wife want a case that is not a case? If she carries her laptop in a case, then she must remove the laptop from the case. Your wife's alternative is to hand-carry her laptop in the open.

    It is my understanding that the security rules for the iPad are less onerous than those for laptops. Perhaps your wife can carry an iPad instead of a laptop.
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    She saw a case touted as TSA-friendly in the Apple Store, but it was for a MacBook smaller than hers. The case has two parts which unzipped to lay flat, butterfly-shrimp style, and the claim was it would go through the x-ray machine without having to take the laptop out of the case.
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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Are you sure? I just performed a quick scan of the cases available at the Apple Store. The one TSA-compliant bag is not a case. It is a rollaway bag with a removable laptop case. If anything else would be TSA-compliant, then I would expect a transparent (see-thru) shell for the MacBook Air to be it. It is not advertised as TSA-compliant.
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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member
    Decent 17" cases are somewhat hard to find. TSA approved cases even harder. I had a 17" MBP for a while and I had a couple cases and none were all that great in comparison to many 15" cases.

    You might try this one from amazon:


    $30 cheaper than from the manufacturer site (which has better pics)


    I know this doesn't fit her requirements but I'm not sure there's a case that does. Since you get a carryon and a personal item this would have to replace her purse which is what my wife does on trips. It looks less bulky than my 17" backpack.

    otherwise I would look for a nice 17" sleeve which is somewhat easier to pull a laptop out of than most laptop bags since there's no other stuff to fall out or get in the way. The ones with a handle and strap might work for her and if she only travels a couple times a year, it's not THAT big a deal.


    This one is TSA checkpoint friendly but no straps or accessory pockets.


    Good luck. I have a 15" MBP now...
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    skyboltskybolt Posts: 111member
    Look at the Waterfield Designs sleeves at www.sfbags.com. Customizable as far as pockets, straps, etc. Laptops do not have to be removed from them for TSA inspection. I often carry my laptop in its sleeve right inside a canvas tote bag or regular backpack -- the sleeve protects it quite well. If you customize it to include a shoulder strap, then you would not have to worry about another bag. They are well made, very protective and a good value. Customer service is outstanding. I have had one for every laptop I have ever had, and love them! (BTW -- I am an adult female as well)
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    Briggs & Riley makes a wide range of checkpoint friendly laptop briefs that your wife can consider. They?ve got some nifty options in 17? bags. However, most of them are in black since they cater mainly to the executive segment.
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