Best case for iPhone 4?

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I plan to purchase an iPhone 4 in the next couple of weeks as my current iPhone (1st generation) is on its last leg. I normally don't use a case on my iPhone, but plan to get one for my iPhone 4 as I heard it alleviates the attenna issue and helps reinforce the glass sides since it is more prone to shattering when dropped (I drop my current phone a lot).

However, I am overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices available. Plus I have read that not all cases are good choices for the iPhone 4. Some don't fix the reception issue while others cause issues with the flash on the back of the phone.

What cases are you using on your iPhone 4 and how do you like them?


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    87vert87vert Posts: 8member
    I prefer mine without a case. I use the Zagg invisible shield. They also have a maximum kit which comes with pieces for the metal band but I do not use those and have no "antenna" problems.
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    I was looking at the Apple iPhone bumpers which are pretty minimalistic (a big plus), but it seems that the dock connector opening causes 3rd party accessories to not fit right.
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    I have two choices which works great for iphone 4 and i.e. Otterbox and candyshell, both cases are great in designs as well as protective too but still Otterbox is much better if we see it in aspect of protection. Otterbox cases are waterproof as well as dustproof and even durable one.
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    Make one yourself
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