New Apple Logo = No Apple!!! ~shock~

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I cannot believe this but according to this story, it's 100% true.

A darn shame and the new logo is horrible. Itblooks a lot luck an '.

PS OT I've mentioned this a few time but

my wife and I just got back from Boston where we spent at least 3 hours a day, visiting our Father. He went in for a simple pace maker change and it got infected. He went to rehab to gain his strength back but ended up in ICU 3 times and when we left he was walking but very afraid of falling or sitting in a chair.

Tonight I get a call from my sister telling me He is back in ICU, incubated. ie, tube down His throat and yet another infection. Please pray for him. I am the oldest son, have been married for just two years and we REALLY WANT HIM TO BE AROUND so he can take our son, daughters, both ( when we have children ), to Maine (He grew up their and deep sea fishing like my grandfather used to do with me. He needs a lot of prayer, to get healed and He must, must, must start doing what the physical therapy people tell Him He has to do. Oh and maybe a few Red Sox games.

Thank you, thank you, thank you x 1,000,000,000.00.
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